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Experience the superior quality and comfort of our handmade leather cuffs and collars.

Luxury leather bondage cuffs

Expect quality, value, and comfort

Top grade leather + padded linings + quality fittings

The British leather industry may have peaked many years ago but some things are still made in England and we offer our unique range of superior leather wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, bondage collars, thigh cuffs, and a range of British-made accessories too, including chunky chains, clips and tethers.

You're unlikely to find these products elsewhere as they have all be designed and made by us.

Some of our cuffs have been around a while and those of you familiar with Erotica in London may have seen our colourful range. We do try and keep it fresh by adding new items and once offs when we find special materials.

Generally you have a choice of quality cuffs and collars in traditional black leather as well as suedes in red, purple and pink.

From the novice bondage player to those with more experience, there's something to suit all tastes and restraint requirements.

All products are accurately described and they will detail if they're lined with either leather (more durable) or faux fur (snug) and whether or not the lining is padded, which is the most luxurious.

When you buy from Bound 2 Impress you're guaranteed a quality product that has been carefully made by someone who enjoys what they do.

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